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Production Team

Meet the team behind THE MOMENT TRAP

Steven A. Johnson
Steve profile pic.png
Greg Stewart
greg headshot_edited.jpg
Writer / Director

Concept & character creator, scriptwriter, professional lyricist, composer, and author: Steven's natural ability to imagine and execute each idea has led the process of the production of The Moment Trap - The Lennon Dream.


His keen eye and an acute understanding of behaviour and mannerisms enable him to portray the specific detail in each and every scene.


Steven has over 20 years’ experience of writing, producing and directing and has produced many commercial and dramatised promotional films. Throughout the making of The Moment Trap - The Lennon Dream, he has valued his discussions with his friend Berny Stringle.



Greg graduated from Falmouth School of Art and has 30 years of experience working in and around the creative industry. His broad skill sets are invaluable in a business where so many wide-ranging disciplines are employed.

Cedar Rose Johnson
PRODUCER AND soundtrack

Cedar has been involved since the very beginning, bringing her natural creativity and dedication to the pre-production, shooting and post-production of The Moment Trap - The Lennon Dream. She wrote 4 songs for the original soundtrack: 'Minimum Wage', 'Happy As A Happy Thing', 'Run Away And Hide' and 'Can't Fucking Handle It'.

Berny Stringle

Friend and consultant of Steven A. Johnson, Berny has provided a wealth of knowledge and experience, spanning over 40 years in the industry. He has written, directed and produced award-winning radio, TV and cinema commercials including Brook Bond, Birds Eye, Schweppes, Duracell, Guinness and many more.


Awards include:

- Grand Prix in Cannes

- Coup de Venezia in Italy

- Numerous Clios in New York

- 'Best Director' at The Hollywood Festival

- The Paris Art Director's Club Award


He then turned his attention to writing children's books, documentaries, TV Comedy/Drama and even a stage musical.


We are proud and honoured to have Berny on board and relish his stories of great names from TV and Film.


From his personal website: "The  next  thing  we  knew  Bowie  was listening  to  us  jamming  upstairs  in the  live  room  and  asked  if  we  wanted  to  work  on  some  of  the  soundtrack  with  him. I learnt a hell of a lot in a short  space of  time working with him. The  pieces  of  music then became  the  album of   the  same  name  and   our  little  band   started  to  get  noticed   by  influential  people in  the industry."


Rob's natural talent and skill in music composition shines throughout the film, carrying the audience as they embark on an emotional journey allowing them to get lost in the story. The indisputable precision of each and every beat, complements the imagery on screen.

Recently Rob has worked on Sky One's 'Intelligence'. 

Paul Mckay
Paul McKay.png
Actor / Crew

Paul McKay, an actor known for his role in NCS Manhunt, has been heavily involved in pre-production, including location scouting, test scene-shooting and much, much more.

Reed Price Johnson
Reed 4.jpg

Reed has been part of the team since the beginning of pre-production, helping with shooting the storyboard. During the shooting, Reed was a valuable member of the crew, ensuring everything was running along smoothly, a right-hand man to Steven.

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