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Production due to commence in May 2019


See Gallery at the bottom of this page for a selection of behind-the-scenes images.

Writer & Director Steven A. Johnson spent the best part of two years crafting and penning his screenplay followed by a further year fine-tuning (if you can call chopping entire scenes/characters and writing in new ones 'fine-tuning'!) in close association with Industry legend, Berny Stringle.
Steven, who has years of experience writing, directing and producing films for corporate clients is no stranger to understanding budgets and working to them. He kept this very much at the forefront of his mind while writing 'The Moment Trap', conscious that he would probably have to rely on high production values over mega box-office funding to make the film he knows he can.
He also gave a lot of thought to the marketing strategies that he might employ when it came to distributing such a film and allowed himself to let this insight have a certain amount of influence on the screenplay he wrote.
Over the last year, Steven and the team have scouted and established locations, screen-tested and cast actors for all major roles and also created a full-length visual aid/storyboard all of which has enabled him to tweak and refine the script and story further still to ensure the best and smoothest possible production.


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