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We have created a series of 'alternative' parking tickets designed for marketing purposes. You can see our PCNs at the bottom of this page.

cinema image 1.jpg

As part of our marketing campaign, we plan to have our TMT Penalty Charge Notices placed onto the windscreens of vehicles parked in cinema carparks (as shown above). Most drivers can spot the tell-tale appearance of a PCN  on their car from a distance.

Hopefully, once it is realised that they are not being wrongly fined, any initial bewilderment or irritation(?!) will give way to relief, amusement and if successful, awareness and interest in the film.

We may consider using our own Traffic Warden (character, Clyde Pickett) to engage with the public in the weeks before release, also contacting the local and national press.


Social Media

We have a great deal of experience when it comes to marketing using social media. Our national and international campaigns will be headed along the lines of "Beware - London Parking Scam".

We believe that along with posts such as "Traffic Warden caught issuing bogus parking tickets" and "Traffic Warden confesses to parking scam," we will be able to draw significant attention to our film nationally.

fb 3.jpg

Our other sponsored posts have reached millions of viewers as this screenshot shows.


FB 2.jpg

Our 'alternative' PCN imagery

Below is a selection of our parking ticket envelopes that we have designed to draw attention to 'The Moment Trap'

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