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Feature Production Title - The Moment Trap

Production Company - The Moment Trap Ltd

Writer & Director - Steven Johnson

Consultant Director - Berny Stringle

Post Production - In discussion with Molinaire TV & Film Ltd

Distribution - Further to Steven’s meeting with Trevor Green, CEO Entertainment Film Distribution Ltd, Trevor has provided us with direct links to the distribution sector of Netflix UK.


Story - See Film Synopsis


Back Story - Behind the antics and actions played out between our four main friends and the gangsters and criminals they encounter along the way, is a suggestion of the difficulties and questions that young adults face today in work, in love and in preparing for life in the future. The prospect of being able to afford to raise a family, of owning one's own home, or even getting a job with a half-decent salary to start with looks vanishingly small these days... Perhaps crime appears to offer a more achievable route to affording such basic ideals?!..

This is a poignant look at some of the challenges and dilemmas that our modern society has created for the younger generations. Are we making a brighter future for our children or are we actually making life tougher?


Pre-production is almost complete


Filming start date - Tuesday 7th May 2019

Filming end date - Friday 14th June 2019

Post-production completion date - 31st October 2019

Feature release date for 'The Moment Trap' - To be confirmed once distribution agreed.


The budget for production and post-production has been calculated at £ 650,000


We are now offering shares in the company The Moment Trap Ltd to raise the required investment.


Shares are available from ...... (minimum investment - £10,000)



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