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Contact us for investment opportunities.

You can help make this movie by pledging as little (or as much!) as you can, simply by making a payment via PayPal at the link below. If you can spare a few pounds Follow the 'Support us now' link below.

It's easy. . . and every little helps a lot!

Did you know, if you were able to donate £5 and you then shared this opportunity with 3 likeminded individuals from your own contact list and they did the same, that after only 8 progressive 'reach-outs' we could raise our principal production budget target of £50k in days?!

One further wave of support would raise enough to cover post-production and distribution!

Everyone that !


Call Greg on

+44 (0) 1992 504167


You can submit an enquiry to Garden Barber Productions
via our online request form (required fields are marked*).
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